Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a real home and can it withstand the Irish weather?
Big Man Modular homes are Bonafide homes and are built to all and even surpass Irish current building regulations. They are designed to withstand even the harshest Irish coastal weather and will remain cosy all year round.


How long will my new Big Man Modular home last?
Big Man Modular homes should last as long as traditionally build homes.


Do I need planning permission?
Generally speaking all homes need planning permission, but there are some exemptions with extensions. It is worth checking out with your local planning authority or engineer


Are your modular homes mortgageable and insurable?
Mortgages are available for modular homes, however you may find it difficult with some financial institutions. Please contact us for if you wish to discuss more. Modular homes are fully insurable.


How does the foundation work?
Generally speaking our modular homes are mounted on ground screws. These are large specialised screws imbedded into ground that allows your new home to be securely fitted in place.


Can I live off grid in a Big Man Modular Home?
Living off grid is of course an option, however costs can escalate when looking at solar power, toilet and water recovery systems. We do offer off grid packages if so required.


How are your homes heated?
As these are very well insulated homes, they require little heating. Big Man Modular homes are generally heated by electric integrated wall heaters, but we are open to other options that you may prefer, such as air to air heat pumps. It is not unusual for customers to have a pellet stove instead.

All units come as standard with Heat, Recovery and Ventilation (HRV) units.


What is the difference between finishes – i.e. shell only, builders finish and turnkey?
Click here to see the different finishes explained.


What are the steps do I need to take when building my Big Man Modular Home?
The whole building process is explained here.